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Week 36



Newest ~NZ~ Addition



Meet…our new cat! Her given name is Star but the kids aren’t in love with it and she was named just a few days ago at the shelter and still doesn’t respond to it.
She is a domestic shorthair, gray striped, 1.5 yrs old, 10.5 lbs, talkative and loves to rub and be rubbed.
I am so happy to have a companion with me at home now that I am not working.
So fun!

Hello world!

New blog for new family!

I figured it’s easier to start a new blog for the family than try to update/catch up the old family blog that hasn’t been updated in years. I also wanted to have a new place separate from my personal/knitting blog to post my new family adventures with a baby in a new city.

Tomorrow morning we have 2 appointments; the first one just a run of the mill prenatal appointment, then another ultrasound scheduled after that. Just to make sure the babe is growing at the correct rate…and maybe if the babe decides to cooperate this time we’ll find out the sex. I am still okay if we don’t know boy or girl. Really, it’s all very exciting.