Ah, the Kids Lives

I realized I don’t post much about what the kids lives entail since moving here to Wichita. Let’s do that, shall we?

Sadie Jane: freshman at Southeast HS, honor student, class clown, now running track; sprints and throwing discus.
She saved up a ton of money and bought herself an Android tablet…surprisingly it actually has made her more interactive with the family, hanging out in the living room with us and showing us stuff. I thought it would do the opposite, I was wrong!
Her sense of humor is the same but now it’s egged on by Josh’s sense of humor and pushes the limits a little…two peas in a pod…
Last night she was laughing so hard I thought she was going to stop breathing! Thankfully it was over him singing along to John Travolta in Grease (her favorite movie that I think we have watched over a dozen times just in the last week).

Tyler: 7th grader at Curtis Middle School, movin’ right along
This school year has been a transition for Tyler, yet again. He gets the support he needs, he gets the freedom he needs, he’s not treated like he’s special needs, he’s treated like he should be; a student that takes a little more work to motivate and help succeed.
At home he’s the same as always. Loves his Legos, movies, informational books, Hot Rod magazine, and has recently taken to reading the newspaper whenever we have one on hand.
He’s grown like a weed too! 5’5″ the last time we measured him but I am sure he’s grown since then. I just had to buy him all new uniform pants and shirts are next. Thank goodness for Dickies.com! 20% off with the promo code CART.
The nice thing is that all he’s outgrown can go to Trevor for next year when he moves up to the middle school from the elementary school.

Trevor: 5th grader at Caldwell Elementary, top of his class (his teachers words, not mine) and a great friend.
Trevor rocks at school. Gets all his work done in class, has a positive attitude, hardly ever needs a reminder to get his homework done at night, he just does it on his own.
At home he’s into a video game called Minecraft; building, creating, acting out his imagination. He wants to make a gameboard game of Minecraft to get it out of the computer and have it be more interactive with the family. Josh and he decided they would work on it over the summer when there’s more free time than a couple of hours in the evening. Of course he also plays Legos with Tyler, watches movies with us, and follows us around talking incessantly about whatever pops in to his head. Typical Trevor.

Since I am not working full time I have found some pretty major changes have taken place (mostly between the kids) in our household. The fighting, the constant backtalk to each other, the arguing, the frustration levels, they have all gone down. Way down. Of course there are 3 of them and that makes things naturally more difficult, 3 being a crowd and all. With the weather changing soon it will solve a lot of the typical issues, letting them play outside for hours on end, going on bike rides through the neighborhood and having friends over more. Tyler and Trevor play well outside for the most part, night games are Sadie’s thing…not sure how that will work here. She may just be too old now ;o)

Overall our days are full with school, homework and trying to get family time every night. It works well for us! Unfortunately, we still haven’t been able to take much time to explore Wichita’s sites and attractions. Summertime. Always time in the summer to explore!


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