Less Than a Month To Go…Prep-time

I am feeling pretty prepared, knock on wood.

My body feels okay, nothing major happening just a few contractions here and there usually after using my stomach muscles for something. Like sneezing.

I have a nice fat stack of prefold diapers, waiting on almost 20 all-in-ones to come in the mail.
I have made some wool soakers, received the lanolin yesterday to lanolize them but I am waiting on the hook & loop closure in multiple colors and the size tags to get here.I still need to make at least 6 more I think, trying out different patterns until I know which ones I am going to use the most after I try them on baby. Then I will make more of them.
I am going to get a bunch of microfleece liners cut out as soon as I decide which fleece blanket I am going to upcycle…that may actually require a trip to the thrift store, not sure there is a blanket I can get away with cutting up and not causing someone to have a heartattack over here at home.
I bought the replacement parts for the bad-ass Medela Pump In Style Advanced double breast pump Ali was generous enough to send me. That I am super excited about! If I have to go back to work I will be well prepared.
The only things I notice I don’t have enough of are burp cloths and sleepers. Burp cloths I can sew using a vintage sheet and used flannel receiving blankets that have seen their time. More absorbent that way. The sleepers I am going to have to break down and buy. They are one thing I am having a nearly impossible time finding at thrift stores.

So all in all I am feeling pretty good with a month to go.

The biggest thing left is getting the Mercedes title/registration all straightened out so I can actually have a car that fits us all. California DMV isn’t exactly doing much to help me along and at this point it’s in their hands. Phone calls aren’t making much of a difference and I am not getting answers. I guess it’s going to take me being persistent until I get that one helpful DMV employee on the phone that is willing to dig a little to find out what is going on.

There you have it, the rundown.


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