Friday~ A Good Day

I don’t want to start tally marks of good and bad days but today was a good day.
We were able to get to the funeral home and see the burial plot and make the arrangements. We also took the items we want Rex buried in. It’s a lovely, small cemetery, Watson Reflection Pointe. It’s out of town a little ways but only 10 minutes from our house. We aren’t planning anything exceptional for the service since there will only be a few of us attending but just being there is the most important thing. It will be so nice to have Rex in his resting place; a calm, quiet place.

On a physical note, I am pretty much all healed. My breastmilk seems to be just about all dried up with no issues. Not one drop escaped, knock on wood! I pinned on pinterest an article on using  cabbage leaves to help reduce swelling and dry out the milk. It was a strange process to pack cabbage leaves in my extra tight sports bra but let me tell you, I think it saved me a lot of pain and suffering.

Scott, my little brother, comes in to town tomorrow and is going to be here until Wednesday morning. It will be so nice to get some time with him. The last time he & Josh saw each other he would have only been 14. That is a lot of years!

I sit here happy tonight in my little home with my little family.
We have had some tears today and tonight. We got a call from the elementary school psychologist about Trevor and how he is dealing with the loss of his little brother. He broke down at lunch today and his friend walked him to the principal’s office to make sure he was okay. Trevor looked forward to doing so many things with Rex. He had so much to share and teach him and through most of the pregnancy he had talked about what he would do with him. He was the one that spent the most time rubbing my belly and talking to his little brother. Tonight he was so upset that he never got to hold him or meet him. I showed him a picture of Josh and I holding Rex after he was born. He cried and stroked the picture of Rex, drinking it all in and asking questions. Trevor needs that more than the other 2 kids at this point. It is amazing that at 10 years old he is so aware of his emotions and what he needs to accept and deal with them. He will heal, just like the rest of us. But he also knows he won’t and doesn’t want to forget his brother in any way. As a note on the wii calendar for his birthday he wrote, “Do not forget to NOT forget Rex today.”  I love that boy.

I am getting sleepy and ready to be wrapped in the arms of my Man.
Tonight I will go to bed thankful for a Good Day.


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  1. As I read your last two posts to Ryan we both sit here in tears. We want you guys to know how sorry we are and how much we love you. We haven’t met Josh but look forward to one day meeting him, he seems like an amazing guy. Please know you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you all.

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