Thank You

There are so many people out there that we need to thank. All of our friends that helped, and are still helping, us through this terrible time. Family. Oh, family. If only we could wrap you all in our arms and mourn together. I know there is comforting needed all around us. It’s evident in the kids, in our parents, in our siblings. The amount of tears shed for little Rex and our family has been immense.

But while I still cry I smile at the love our little man had around him while he was with us, being nurtured and carried by his Mama. Rex felt every bit of joy I felt. He felt every laugh, hug, heard the voices. He knew his Daddy, knew his touch, knew his voice and always felt his presence. I can imagine him grinning in my belly at Sadie’s laugh, he did love when Trevor would rub my belly and talk to him.

The financial gifts to help with the funeral and burial have been overwhelming! I feel like I need to do something amazing for everyone that was able to help us out.  We still need to do the headstone but we just aren’t emotionally ready for that yet.

For now, I am just doing what I can every day. Living moment to moment, trying to get back to day to day.

Loves, hugs, and smooches to everyone!

Oh, and Happy St. Patty’s Day!!


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