Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

3 Weeks


We went to visit Rex today and put out the rest of the Sedgwick cousins pinwheels. As well as a new pinwheel for Katrina & Kt, Josh’s daughter and her sister. We had the boys with us and they had some little items they wanted to leave.
I plan on going back out this week to order the headstone and see what freedom we have over his resting place. It definitely needs grass seeded, the bare newly turned earth is difficult to see. For now the pinwheels are bright and cheery, we let the boys arrange them today and while I love them I do believe I will rearrange them 😛



Mr. Popper…what a Papa…

I am sitting here at 1:40am watching the movie Mr. Popper’s Penguins with my Sadie Jane (and Josh asleep in his chair) and it is hitting home on so many levels.
~ Every family suffers loss of some kind and comes back from it…in the womb or in an egg…
~ Dad’s can choose in or choose out…My kids have been chosen by their Daddy Josh and he is all the way in!
These are the ramblings of a mourning Mamma at now…2am…