3 Weeks


We went to visit Rex today and put out the rest of the Sedgwick cousins pinwheels. As well as a new pinwheel for Katrina & Kt, Josh’s daughter and her sister. We had the boys with us and they had some little items they wanted to leave.
I plan on going back out this week to order the headstone and see what freedom we have over his resting place. It definitely needs grass seeded, the bare newly turned earth is difficult to see. For now the pinwheels are bright and cheery, we let the boys arrange them today and while I love them I do believe I will rearrange them 😛



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    • There is a fourth car that you can’t see in the picture. You should have heard all the reasons for why they chose those specific cars, very precise and very funny! Of course I don’t remember now 😉

  1. Oh Chauntel, I’m sorry I can’t make it all better. The one thing I am confident of is that everything in this life is for us to grow by. I can’t say where growth will be in “bad” circumstances. I quoted “bad” because it is our limited sight that sees the situation. I don’t know why I lost 3 tiny babies, all no bigger than 7 weeks, then had a healthy baby at age 45. I cried and cried when I lost the first one, which was removed from me. The last one I allowed myself to go through the process of miscarriage. There are a lot of women whom I’ve found that have miscarried, but it doesn’t make me less sad. You are entitled to miss Rex. Just because there are moments you aren’t thinking of him and are thinking of your husband or children, it’s OK. Love extra on your family and tell them it’s from Rex. Rex would have loved on them. They will help heal your heart. Do not say, “It’s been such and such time; I should be over this.” It will get better and it’s OK to be better. You are not robbing Rex by feeling better. He added even in his small way to your life; he would have been happy about that. Rex added love to your life. You would not have wanted to miss any love that was meant for you. Hold onto and spread the love you have to share. ❤

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