Floors are next!!

So, my nephew Evan and his wife Michelle lived here before us and informed us that there is finished wood floors under the carpet, they just weren’t sure what kind of shape it was in. I got permission to see what condition it is in and then if I want to take the responsibility of refinishing it if needed I can rip out the carpet. 
That is precisely what I did today, pulled up the carpet in the entryway to see what I had to work with.  


I am VERY pleased with what I found under the carpet!
The carpet in the entry had a large stain that I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t stop from getting worse and smelling rancid. Come to find out it’s some kind of an oil stain, large and soaked through in to the unsealed wood carpet tack around the edges of the carpet. Luckily, the sealed wood floor beneath has no residue or staining, and no wear patterns at the front door. It looks like it was either always covered with carpet or refinished right before the carpet was put down the last time. The wood baseboard goes all the way down to the hardwood beneath the carpet so there is only one wall in the entire house that will need baseboard put up…it’s a lovely wood paneling wall that is behind my & Josh’s chairs in the living room. Not sure if the paneling will stay up too much longer, just depends. Honestly, I don’t know what’s behind it!
Tomorrow, the older carpet in the boys room is coming up. I think I can do their room by myself without any trouble…we’ll see…and I will take pics before and after!

I like doing home improvements when they don’t cost me anything out of pocket. Plus, we are planning on keeping the carpet that is in good condition from the living and dining rooms to put down in the basement for now. Eventually I would love to get the basement finished, do it ourselves. It’s fully plumbed with a toilet, shower and sink, they are just non-functioning at the moment. Plus, they aren’t walled in at all, just out in the open next to the laundry for all to see in their 60’s pink glory 😉 
My goal; 2 bedrooms for the kids 12’x14′, bathroom, laundry, storage areas, and rec room in the basement.

For now the basement has a drop acoustic ceiling, the concrete walls are sealed/painted but flaking in a few places so need to be redone. There is a bar, the floor is tiled with dance floor tiles that are breaking in to pieces and need to either be covered up by carpet or be pulled up…I prefer the idea of just covering them, less work and mess 🙂 The basement windows are pretty good, only one leaks sometimes, and another seems to have seeping issues in the surrounding concrete but not all the time and not every time it rains or has water around the window well. I don’t know much about basements and their window issues so I think I need to read up on it and learn what I can. The house was built in 1952 so it’s going to have its issues!
I need to clean out the gutters, put in a few screens that were taken out last fall, and continue the yard work. I feel like that may be never ending but I know I can get it to an easily maintainable state in a couple of months. Improvements take money and there isn’t extra of that so we’ll be hitting Freecycle for any materials we want/need.
I have already cleaned and prepped the A/C unit for the hot weather. It’s a window unit & seems to do a good job from what Evan & Michelle said. I am a windows open, fresh air kinda girl so until we are in the 90’s and higher all the time I doubt we’ll use the A/C much. Thankfully our windows are on the north and south sides of the house so there isn’t a lot of direct sunlight to hit the house, plus we have a GIGANTIC tree that covers the house. Makes for a lot of yard maintenance with the limbs, branches, leaves, spiky balls…good thing I have kids!

Alrighty, enough waxing on about house DIY pipe dreams…time to knit my night away…

P.S. I really, really hate old carpet. Really. 


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