Saturday ~Home~ Dining Room


I pulled up the carpet in the entry way last week to expose the finished hard wood floors beneath. Today it was the dining room.

Josh worked most of the day but got home a few hours early so we took advantage of the time and 2 athletic teenage girls at the house.
Sadie has really taken to Morgan.  She lives close by, they can walk all around this part of town together and explore, they have the same goofy sense of humor, and Morgan has really helped Sadie pursue sports and keep her interested. Sadie has a tendency to do things half way, with javelin and discus she is doing well and sticking with it through the season. Rumor has it she will even try out for basketball and volleyball next year…if Morgan has anything to say about it she WILL do it ;o) I Love when good influence comes from a friend and isn’t forced down my kids throat by Josh and I all the time.

Anywho…back to our accomplishment for the day…

The floors underneath are in SUPER good condition with a nice varnish finish on them that looks like it was just covered up. The baseboard needs to be brought down to the wood floor along one wall, the other 2 walls of baseboard go all the way to the floorboards. Luckily the baseboard that needs to come down is only tacked on in a couple of spots and it will be super easy to pull off and nail back on.

So, here is where we have left to uncover the hard wood floors:
~ Living Room- one large rectangle
~ Small hallway to the bedrooms & bathroom
~ Both bedrooms

Unfortunately the carpet to come out of the bedrooms we can’t use downstairs. It is just too old, worn too thin and really just plain ugly.
The carpet from the dining and living rooms are in good enough condition to use in the basement. Hopefully it will be wide enough to go all the way across the area we want to have the kids’ 2 bedrooms. Not that we’ll be framing and putting in walls in the next little while but at least we have carpet!

Man do we need a truck!


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