Coooookie Mix

Using the recipe I found on for a shortening based bulk cookie recipe, I made up a batch last night. I did add some cinnamon, a little more salt than called for, and some pumpkin pie spice as well. I packed the jars super tight so I only got 4 quart jars instead of the 6 the recipe said I would get. There was about a cup and a half left of mix so I saved it for the next batch.

This morning I made up a batch to add to the leftovers and added 3 eggs instead of just 2. I also added a few drops of almond extract along with the vanilla extract.

Here it is! Nice and moist after mixing…of course this is isn’t all of it, just a bit that was left after filling trays to bake.

Unfortunately, my cookie sheets are from the dollar store since my good ones were lost in the storage unit as well as my cooling racks. I have watched & watched at thrift stores hoping to come across some but no luck. So now I do believe it’s time to break down and buy some new ones. I have my eye on a 2 pack of insulated non-stick T-Fal sheets on Amazon that are large enough for pizzas, cookies, other various things. As well as a set of stacking cooling racks.
I am really enjoying producing. Baking is something I can do that doesn’t bother my anorexia. Not sure why. I can bake & bake and mix & mix and not have any issues with it being food. Candy, now that is another story. Fudge, caramel, toffee, fudge, fudge, fudge. 🙂

Tonight is soft tacos for dinner so I will be giving the Tortilla Mix I made up yesterday a whirl. I sure hope they are as fabulous as I expect them to be!


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  1. I’m so excited that you posted about the Heart-Home-Hands blog. I was looking it over last night and can’t wait to make some of the mixes…I love tortillas too so I was looking at that one. Can’t wait to hear how yours turn out. So excited to make the laundry detergent too! Love all your ideas!

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