Fine! I said I would.

Let’s talk tortillas!

I made the Tortilla Mix yesterday, today I mixed up a batch and we had them for dinner.

First we will have ourselves a little synopsis of how it went. When I made the Tortilla Mix I used 6 C flour, 2 C wheat flour. I am thinking it was too much wheat flour…note to self, only 1 C next batch. I feel I could have used just a tad more than the 3/4 C water when mixing before kneading.  Kneading will be different next time just because of a difference in texture from more water.
They came out more crunchy than I would have liked so I will read up on how to cook them to a soft texture.
Secondly we will have a grand slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do believe that the gobbling that happened at dinner was not totally for my benefit, they may have actually liked them! I will play with the dough the next time I make them and hopefully come up with the perfect recipe for our preferences.


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  1. I am definitely going to play with the mixing of the next batch and see if I can’t perfect it to get a nice, soft tortilla. I know how much money it will save and they can taste better than store bought if I get them figured out right so I will keep at it!!

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