Lots of Things…and Believe it or Not, Some of it Good

Since the divorce there have been a lot of things that have been leftover fiascos that, of course, I am shouldering because George just can’t be bothered. The Mercedes title has been the biggest problem. I am still fighting with the CA DMV to release a duplicate title to me so I can register the car here in KS so we can use it.
Unfortunately one of the complications that arose from the car title issues was a ticket Josh got while driving me to work one morning a few months back. We dreaded the court dates fast arrival since we knew that without CA DMV helping me along with paperwork there was no way to get the 4 misdemeanors plead down  to lesser charges. No moving violations so that was a small thing in our favor. He was pulled over for the reg tags being expired. Then the infractions just piled on after that.

Well by some miracle of miracles yesterday Josh went in to court and walked out with only fines on 2 infractions that the DA plead down to traffic violations instead of misdemeanors. Bonus, nothing happened to Josh’s newly acquired Kansas DL.

Oh, that was another GOOD thing! Josh got his KS DL without any issues. You never know when you have had a really tumultuous relationship with the CA DMV and child support system what is going to pop up when your license is run. Josh knows how much of a privilege it is to have a driver’s license and not a right.

Financially we have been able to work things so I can stay home with the kids through the summer at least.  Our goal is to get Sadie to Idaho & Utah to spend time with cousins this summer and that would mean Tyler & Trevor home alone if I were to return to work. Yah, that isn’t the best plan I have ever heard. While they both have grown and matured in a lot of ways we still have the underlying factor of Tyler being autistic and not making the best choices, even when I am here to keep an eye on them!
Good example, Josh and I ran to the grocery store one afternoon and came back to Tyler on the roof of the house because a neighbor boy told him to. Plain and simple. No other reason, no ball on the roof, nothing that warranted him being up there. That kinda did it for us. Oh, that and he is still in the habit of wandering from the house without letting anyone know, without shoes most of the time, and without any kind of communication. He still doesn’t have our house address or new phone numbers (not so new, we’ve had them over almost a year now) memorized.
So yes, we feel it’s smart for an adult to be here. And now we think we can get by with me at home. If not then I will have to find a way to work a few hours in the evening after Josh is home…for now I don’t have to worry about that! Thankfully!

I had my last doctor’s appointment on Wednesday with my prenatal team. That was hard. Just as hard for them as it was for me. Josh was a little relieved it was over, he has a hard time going there since we spent so much time there in joy and anticipation then to have it end tragically.
I love those ladies and we were informed we are their favorite couple. I had a hard cry with Liz, the charge nurse in Prenatal, the first time I saw her after losing Rex. She was devastated with us. I want to do something special for them. Something that they can enjoy for a long time to come, not just cookies or flowers but something like this…

My sister Christi sent us this beautiful statue by Willow Tree
Our Bright, Joyful Gift!

Then just last week we received another Willow Tree statue from one of Josh’s cousins, Mandy Johns Cope.

This is a little built in curio cabinet, of a sort, that is between the living room and bedrooms. It’s just a mish-mash at the moment but once I get a few more things rearranged and organized I will have it all fantastic!
So that is what I am thinking eventually I would like to do for the amazing ladies at Grace Med Prenatal.

I am very slowly coming in to my own again as a full time Mom…we’ll see how long I stay sane ;o)


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