Riiight…Tornadoes…They Blow…

So we had ourselves an eventful night last night.
Tornado warning, then a watch, then sirens, then tornadoes.
We live in a sturdy 1950’s brick house with a full basement so we had good shelter to wait out the storm.

I admit I panicked a little. I like wildfires, I can evacuate, run from them. I like earthquakes, they are fast and luckily I was never in one that was life threatening.  I have decided I hate tornadoes. The anticipation of warnings all day, then the buildup of the storm, watching the radar seeing the cells form and head for us. And then hours underground waiting for it to pass, hoping there aren’t more storm cells following.
When the sirens went off the first time at around 8:45pm we headed down to the basement. One of Sadie’s friends, Morgan, that was raised in tornado alley was here with us and reinforced what we should do. She was great at helping keep the boys at ease. I on the other hand, was worried and a lot more anxious than I expected to be.
One of my first thoughts was that this was why Rex was not meant to be in this world with us, to be saved from the horrible death of a tornado. Awful thought?  Natural thought? I don’t know. I just know it’s what I thought.
Then there were the thoughts that his grave is freshly turned ground with no roots, easy to pick up and toss around. It’s surprisingly shallow and he’s so small. Ach. Those are awful thoughts. And natural thoughts, fears. I know I wasn’t the only one thinking them. We tried to get out there this morning to see if there is any ground damage but all the roads were closed off leading out there due to damage so we’ll just have to wait and see. I am sure his pinwheels spun themselves right out of the ground with 85mph winds 😉
Josh spent the first hour we were in the basement running cable TV line down to a TV in the basement so I could see the live updates on  KSN 3. I found their coverage very comforting. And he needed something to occupy him too.  The kids played Apples to Apples in Sadie’s room, for the most part not letting their emotions take over. We had the weather radio on, power flickered only a few times while the tornado sirens were going and it showed the tornado track going right over our house on TV. I didn’t like those few minutes. Hail, wind, rain for hours, never really knowing when or if something more was going to happen. Our basement is all the way underground with just 10″ windows at the very top of the walls, just below ground level. That I am very thankful for! We could hear the sirens well but not see anything and I was okay with that too.

You can see a gallery of yesterdays storms here at Kansas.com.
And here you can see a gallery of the aftermath today.

Overall, we are all safe. No loss of life reported so far. Lots of damage but none to our house or really even our neighborhood. There is something to be said for a house that has been here for 60 years!!


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