Sadie on a typical night…

…with her phone, Tablet, quilt Grandma made for her and lots of laughter! She has a track meet tomorrow, a Varsity track meet! Last week at her first meet, Freshman/JV meet, she placed 3rd in javelin so they are having her throw in the Varsity meet tomorrow! Yay! I am so proud of her, hopefully I can get some video of her throwing tomorrow and post it ;o) She will hate me for it…hehehehe
She is laying on the latest craigslist acquisition…1 of 2 couches; one of them a pull out bed, with full slipcovers, pottery barn style from a few years ago…both for $60!! I washed all slipcovers today after picking up the couches and they came out perfect! Only a few tiny little spots that didn’t bleach out.
Am I crazy for having white couches? Maybe.
Do I love to use bleach? Not so much.
Do I care? Nope, they will be so easy to keep clean.
I will post more when both are in the living room and it’s set. You can see we haven’t taken the carpet out of the living room yet, just the entry area to the left in the photo. I cannot wait to get the carpet out of the rest of the house. Josh would prefer to keep carpet in the bedroom but I really, really hate the carpet in our room. From the 70’s, possibly the 60’s, and it is so thin you may as well be on the hardwood floor beneath. Not sure why but Josh has a thing with bare floors in a bedroom. I can compromise but that nasty, old carpet that is in there is coming out no matter what.
I had one of those days that as soon as I was dressed I was doing, going, moving, cleaning, until Josh came home from work an hour early, we had dinner and then I sat for the first time all day. Then up and down all evening laundering slipcovers, replacing slipcovers, doing dishes, removing the daily clutter. For some reason today there was stuff all day. Not a lot of actual cleaning, I have a list of that left to do. Thank goodness for tomorrow! I did so much today that wasn’t on my “list” that I can’t feel bad for not vacuuming or mopping. Last night I went through an organizing frenzy and cleared out 2 areas that had been weighing on me. Since removing the baby’s clothes, diapers, linens I haven’t reorganized the hall closet drawers and our bedroom closet. That was a solid couple of hours that really helped me emotionally.
The crib is still up in our room but neither of us have even talked about taking it down yet. I am ready. I know Josh is ready. I may just do it myself, it’s not a difficult task physically.
I haven’t been out to the yard to work for the last couple of weeks. Lots to do out there. I almost don’t want to think of how much there is to do out there. Like the basement. There is so much to do down there too. We have the carpet we removed from the dining room down there ready to be rolled out but we need to get the living room carpet down there first so we can put them in the correct spots at the same time. (That was a run on sentence, for sure ;o))
First thing in the basement, time for bug bombs again. Coming in to a new season I am going to head off spiders and creepy crawlies by bombing. I then need to compartmentalize, in my brain, areas of the basement to work on. I don’t need to think of the entire basement all at once. Just need to remind myself of that.
Okay, enough of the babbling on & on.

psst…we gifted the red leather couch that Evan and Michelle left here for us to one of Josh’s coworkers. The white leather couch we are going to do our best to get down to the basement. Not quite sure how yet but I am determined.


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