I have the geekiest, awesomest husband ever!
For Christmas when I was 10 my parents gave my brother and I Ewoks from Star Wars, I got Kneesa (the gray one on the right) and Scott got Wicket. I don’t know if Scott still has Wicket or not but I still have Kneesa.
I have slept with her pretty much every single night since that Christmas. She propped up my belly while I was so uncomfortable sleeping during all my pregnancies. There were times during my previous marriage when my husband thought I was ridiculous for sleeping with her and in my state of compromise I would put her away in a keepsake bin. Always to bring her out eventually.
Long story short…
…my husband needed a Wicket. So he got one. An original from 1983, pretty much like new. Look closely you can see my matted Kneesa after dozens of washings and millions of cuddles.
I am so happy for him but more for me since I now won’t have to fight him for Kneesa in the middle of the night, he has his own Ewok to nuzzle.

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