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My Mom Will Love This Post ;o) « Firebrunette Knitting

My Mom Will Love This Post ;o) « Firebrunette Knitting.


Bittersweet Memorial Day Everyone!

I don’t know why it’s “happy” Memorial Day. I find it to be bittersweet to think of those that have fallen for our freedom.

I have also found that this year it’s a day for me to remember all those we have lost. Not only Rex but other friends and family members as well.  I feel the need to say their names outloud today:

~ Andrew Copeland
~ Chris Wilford
~ Jeremy Ensey
~ Rex & Virginia Sedgwick
~ Grandma Clara Young
~ Denise Anderson
~ Marilyn Andreasen
~ My Cockapoo Dweeby

There are others as well of course. Luckily I don’t have a huge list of loved ones I have lost. I know there are many of my friends out there that do and my heart goes out to them today.


My Sunday Status Update

My husband knows me too well,”You just wish we were all robots, you could tap our touchscreens and make us do your bidding. X out all the animals that you can’t make yarn from. Oh, and you would keep the people that make the knitting needles. And we’ll hook up an IV of coffee.” LMAO — with Josh Ensey.

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