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Butch’s New Hidey Hole


So Tyler turns 14 today! Josh & I were decorating, wrapping gifts when I hear noises in the entryway coat closet. I walk over & open the already slightly ajar door to find Butch 6 feet up in closet, hat & scarf bins knocked precariously on their sides, Butch happy as can be rubbing himself all over one of the bins. A few of my neatly folded hand knit sweaters were pulled out of the organizer, I have a sneaking suspicion that Butch climbed the back of the hanging sweater organizer to get his fat butt up there. Silly boy.





30 Day Nail Challenge~ Part 1

So Sadie & I have been finding all kinds of amazing nail art on Pinterest and decided we’d try our hands at the 30 Day Nail Challenge.
I wasn’t perfect at getting pictures of our manicures daily but here is what we have so far:

Sadie & I have had so much fun spending time together every night & posting our pics on Instagram & Pinterest.
I am so proud to be Sadie Jane’s Momma. She puts up with my moodiness, she makes me laugh every single day. She is talented, creative, book smart, socially smart, good common sense (when she chooses to use it winkwinknudgenudge), and BEAUTIFUL!!

I love my daughter!

One Post at a Time

I will be trying to catch us up a bit on the NZ fam happs.
For the short version to get us started, here goes!
The kids are in school, adjusted & brought home their first progress reports today. Not fabulous, not terrible. Typical for a progress report, they seem to always be missing key information.
We have Tyler’s IEP coming up at the beginning of October. His triennial review & testing is happening right now. I did my interview with the psychologist and it was very smooth. Thankfully they have always gone smooth for us.
Tyler’s birthday is right around the corner as well and I cannot believe he is turning 14!! He is tall, I haven’t measured but he is taller than I am now so that makes him at least 5’8″ and he informed me he weighs a whopping 112lbs!! His voice is changing and it’s hilarious the squeaks & booms we get out of him. Sadie & Josh can make his voice do things that get us all rolling, Tyler included. Thankfully he isn’t easily embarrassed here at home.
Trevor is a little bit of a basket case with hormones creeping in and starting middle school. Middle school brings with it a whole slew of pressures & issues that he is trying to wrap his head around; girls, uniforms, multiple teachers, 8 classes a day. It’s definitely different for him and we’re all adjusting.
Sadie is Sadie! Brilliant, funny, friendly and although her transfer to East High didn’t come through she has taken on SouthEast and is conquering, of course! There are our typical teen/ Mom battles but overall we’re snug as 2 bugs in a rug. More on what we’ve been up to in another very picture heavy post.
Josh is doing very well at work, he has been asked to run the shop a few times by the owner, has his own set of keys & has really become the go-to guy for both shops. He’s enjoying the work, enjoying the responsibility, enjoying the pay off so far yet hoping more will come out of it. The owner sees & appreciates all Josh is doing for his businesses.
I am still working at home. Trying to build up stock to open an Etsy shop while also taking in custom orders and working on test knitting for pay to help the family’s finances. So far so good. I would like more of everything coming in but for now I am trying to focus on building up a foundation to start my shop off BIG; well stocked, custom order examples, good photography (hoping my point & shoot can hack it since I lost my dslr in the storage unit fiasco). I am also working on my knitting blog a little more behind the scenes to maybe add some ads & possibly make a tad bit of income that way as well. If I want to make some money staying home I think focusing on what I am good at is the way to go. Knitting, crocheting, designing & selling my patterns, custom orders, and test knitting for pay are all ways I have brought in income in the past at different times. Now I want to be able to do them all at once ;o)
Rex would have been 6 months old this month and it was a difficult realization knowing what we’re missing. That also will be a post on it’s own when I am ready, if I am able to write it.
Overall right now life is moving right along in Wichita. Still no social life for Josh & I. That may or may not come in time, we’ll just have to see where life leads us. Just to round things out I will add a few pics of a few things…drive-in movies with the kids on a few different occasions the last month, many cat photos (again, we apologize for the cat crazies we have become but just imagine how out of control if it were actually a baby like it should have been), and a few other random pics.