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And So It Begins!


The kids had fun putting their tree up in the basement today. We are still in the process of acquiring holiday decorations and this awesome faux tree from the 60’s came to us through I should have gone for more of the Christmas decorations that were offered earlier in the year. Oh that reminds me, I need to pull out the Christmas plates. Yay for Christmas & pretty things!

Mwahahaha…Black Friday

So for Christmas & our birthdays (Josh is 12/11 & I am 12/17) we decided that we’d forgo the hunt for gifts and get a new TV. We have never owned a modern LCD TV and with all the Black Friday sales we thought we’d go for it.

As crazy as it sounds we went to Walmart at 7pm last night for the 10pm electronics “Black Friday” sale to attempt to purchase the TV we wanted.

Unfortunately we did not get a TV, they had 40 & we were 42nd in line. How lame is that. But, we were there for the opening bell for the 8pm sale & it was entertaining to say the least. Josh’s face says it all…

The chaos of it all is rather astounding.

We then went to Sears since they had another TV that was our second choice, they were also sold out so we headed home. Of course Sadie ran in to a friend & her mom doing their all night Black Friday shopping so we let her go with them to experience the chaos of the deep late night shopping.
The great thing is that we found a better quality TV online today through for just a smidge more $$ and still totally in our budget.
I can’t wait for it to get here!!!
No, I am not waiting until Christmas or either of our birthdays to open it. We are Sagittarius’, no patience.

Thanks for 2012

I have been looking forward to these holidays for the last few months.

We had a quiet, simple Thanksgiving here at home just the 5 of us, the kitties, & lots of food.

Puzzles, movies, pajamas. What could be better?

2 pumpkin pies~ handmade crust & filling, thank you very much

Sadie filling her pudding pie~ vanilla pudding made with almond milk & a handmade graham cracker crust

Here are our pies on the table with a huge bowl of whipped topping (lactose allergy in our house, still getting used to topping & not cream).

And here are our empty plates after the delish pie!!

Of course, we had pie after dinner but the pie was my favorite part so I had to post about them first. Now for dinner!

We had a small feast since it was just a few of us: brined & baked turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry relish that Sadie made from scratch (her own recipe based on Grandpa Sedgwick’s relish minus nuts since Josh has allergies) & sparkling cider. The only thing missing were dinner rolls. We all couldn’t believe we totally forgot! It’s okay, left more room on our plates & in our tummies for other food (read: pie).

All day before & after dinner we had a puzzle going & Thanksgiving movies playing. Mostly John Candy movies, odd that he did so many Thanksgiving movies but they sure are entertaining. RIP John Candy.

I absolutely LOVE puzzle pieces.

Tyler & Trevor working on the edge pieces. Sadie ran away from the table before I could get a picture of her…pajamas & bedhead face aren’t her thing I guess ;o)

Here is our first 1000 piece puzzle finished!

So we started a second 1000 piece puzzle this afternoon. It’s a town scene from the 1800’s…can’t remember the artist but there is a whole line of puzzles from the same artist that have been around forever. We fashioned ourselves a puzzle board out of a very large box.

I will say we miss family. We miss what is familiar to us.
This was only the second time in the kids lives that we’ve had a solo holiday. We miss Grandma & Grandpa Sedgwick immensely. It’s hard being so far away from those that are familiar. But we really felt that it was good for us to have yesterday all to ourselves. No pressure at all. Eat when the turkey is done (that threw Tyler off but after a few minutes he adjusted & ate), clean for as long as I wanted with no pressure of socializing & cleaning at the same time or anxiously socializing while I really wanted to be cleaning up so I could sit in the calm of knowing it is done. I am a tad neurotic, I know.

I also took the day away from knitting & crocheting. No work, no gifts, just puzzles. I can’t wait until the after Christmas clearance to pick up a couple more puzzles.

Overall a very nice, very simple day for our little family.
We are grateful for so many things. Thankful for everything we have, everything we’ve earned, everything we’ve been gifted & blessed with. Through some tough years it was nice to be able to sit in peace. love & quiet (the calm inner quiet, if you know our family you know there is never any real quiet with mouths running at all times) for a few days. We often have these times but as always the day of Thanksgiving makes us more aware of the life we have to be grateful for.

We hope you all had a wonderful, calm, love filled Thanksgiving as well.
~The NZs


Our Refrigerator Cannot Stay Blank


First Trevor’s turtles invaded…image





… then along came Sadie’s ninjas.


I love the surface of my refrigerator to be clear of crap. I don’t like papers, notices, bills, notes, photos, artwork, schoolwork, etc on the surface of my fridge that needs to be cleaned at least every other day (mechanic husband that comes home for lunch every day = crazy grease marks even after thorough hand washing). Okay. I know none of you just bought that line about the need for the cleaning… Anyway, the kids have decided it’s a huge canvas & oddly enough that pleases me immensely! Today’s turtles vs ninjas artwork has sparked many conversations between family members that are kind, intuitive, &/or downright hilarious. I kinda love it.