Mwahahaha…Black Friday

So for Christmas & our birthdays (Josh is 12/11 & I am 12/17) we decided that we’d forgo the hunt for gifts and get a new TV. We have never owned a modern LCD TV and with all the Black Friday sales we thought we’d go for it.

As crazy as it sounds we went to Walmart at 7pm last night for the 10pm electronics “Black Friday” sale to attempt to purchase the TV we wanted.

Unfortunately we did not get a TV, they had 40 & we were 42nd in line. How lame is that. But, we were there for the opening bell for the 8pm sale & it was entertaining to say the least. Josh’s face says it all…

The chaos of it all is rather astounding.

We then went to Sears since they had another TV that was our second choice, they were also sold out so we headed home. Of course Sadie ran in to a friend & her mom doing their all night Black Friday shopping so we let her go with them to experience the chaos of the deep late night shopping.
The great thing is that we found a better quality TV online today through for just a smidge more $$ and still totally in our budget.
I can’t wait for it to get here!!!
No, I am not waiting until Christmas or either of our birthdays to open it. We are Sagittarius’, no patience.


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