Christmas is Coming!!!

Having been in this house for over a year now we are settled in & excited for the holidays this year. We still don’t know much about the holiday happenings in Wichita but we do know there is the tree lighting & fireworks with Santa downtown on Tuesday night. If it were cold & somewhat wintery it would be fantastic but it won’t be.

Thankfully I watched after Christmas clearance sales last year and found a few random strands of lights for the outside of the house. And the kids bullied us in to putting them up today in the very unwinterlike weather. Yes, I know that is not a word but it fits. 70 degrees today, 60 tonight= unwinterlike.

So up on the roof Sadie & Josh go!


You can see our huge tree behind Sadie is almost bare. That is a lot of bare branches. All of those leaves are on the ground. In my yard. Piled against fences. Ugh. They need to be trashed before it rains I just dread the allergies while doing it. Even with all 5 of us (and some upkeep over the last month while they fell, I do have 7 full bags ready for the trashman this week) it would take better than 3 hours to get a handle on them. It only took a couple of windy days in a row & whoosh! On my ground.

Anyways…back to the lights…





Teamwork. These 2 work so well together all the time it’s kind of crazy. No arguing, just in sync all the time no matter what they tackle together. I just document it with pictures ;o)



Success!! The lights are all installed & working, first try!!
Josh & Sadie rock it, seriously.

Umm…Tyler & Trevor are not allowed on the roof. For many, many reasons. So they had to help me work on leaves & clean up the gutter junk that Josh cleaned out of the front gutter while he was up there. They may not look like it here but they had a lot of fun.



Okay, so I just have to point out the cute boot cuffs Sadie has on over her capri leggings inside her boots. One had been pushed down coming down off the roof so you can’t see it so well but it’s there. I think they are so cute! I actually have a bunch made to put in my Etsy store but just haven’t had time to photograph them properly & list them.




We have ourselves a little Charlie Brown tree.


Last spring I found an old trellis in the front bush/tree mess and knew at some point I would want it somewhere for something. Christmas lights & a garland is what it called for in the front planter that is bare & empty year round. Tyler very kindly dug my hole & set it in nice & sturdy.



Sadie had way too much fun with the lights.


And after the sun went down you can see our cute little brick house for a good block! So far we are the first on our block to have lights up. I think they are simple but fun.



The trellis ended up pretty fun, I think I will grab another garland that was polka dotted to go with the striped one. They were on clearance at Michael’s & I had 20% off on top of that so it only cost me $1.24. Awesome.

1354494107921Overall I am happy with our little outside display! I will hit clearance again this year and beef up our decorations but for now it’s homey and ours.

13544945021521354505808352We went to see Rex today (like every Sunday) and thought it was time to deck him out in some Christmas cheer. Pardon the photo, it was well past sunset and the flash photos came out awful so night exposure it was. The poinsettias are so fun, tiny white polka dots all over. I will get a better picture next time I am there in the daylight. The candy canes around the headstone are twisted glass &  fun. I let Josh put them in, I am sure I will move them around at some point. I sure do think they are pretty. Oh, and Josh felt Rex needed a Christmas penguin rubber “ducky” to play with. It doesn’t honk when you squeeze him and we kind of had an issue with that but at least now Rex won’t disturb his neighbor Kippy while he is playing with his new toy. Have we introduced everyone to Kippy yet? He is Rex’s neighbor, a grandpa that liked to fish. He had a really cool Christmas tree up today. We like to visit the neighbors while we are visiting Rex. It’s rare that we see other visitors there when we are but the sites are all kept up well and you can tell they do have visitors. That makes me happy.


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