There is something I keep meaning to post but for the life of me I cannot remember what it is!
Oh! Okay, now I remember. Duh!

First, let me tease with a photo…I know, I know I already shared it on Facebook and Instagram but there are a few people that read my blog and don’t check FB very often, coughmyparentscough.


In this lovely peanut filled box is a Viking Husqvarna Huskylock serger sewing machine!!!
Here’s the story:
Cindy Wilford, dear friend & second Mom to me, mother of one of my oldest & bestest friends Ali, sent me a message on Facebook a couple of weeks ago:

Here’s the story…. I was researching memorial gifts to send to your family in honor of Rex but nothing grabbed me. I’ve had this serger since 1996, and never took to it. I decided to find a charity to donate it to, but nothing has clicked. A few days ago an idea popped into my head that you could put it to great use. It occurred to me that this would be the perfect memorial gift for Rex. Bud and I would love to ship it to you as a gift.

Of course I accepted!! One of the things that hit me immediately was that I would have the tools to work with a charity that Cindy had introduced me to after the loss of Rex.

Welcome to A Heart to Hold

Our Mission;

To offer comfort to families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss by creating and sharing the gift of a weighted handmade heart.

Interested in learning more? Please browse through our site or find us on Facebook.

AHTH was featured in the Sacramento Bee on June 5th.  Check out the article!

A Heart to Hold is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation working as a Foundation of the Charitable Partnership Fund.

For information about making a donation, please click here.

I didn’t request a heart because I already had a stuffed animal that I have slept with since i was 9 years old to fill the physical void. But what I was shocked at in the healing process was the physical void that was left. With my other births I had the baby to hold, to fill that empty belly. Not this time and it was torture. It still is at times but it definitely is less intense.

So now I am waiting to hear back from them about making pillows. I have even considered making them in a few generic weights and just taking them to the hospital where I delivered Rex. Those first 48 hours are hell and I think any little thing would be a blessing.

So that is the story of the amazing Huskylock!
It is still in it’s safe box, I am going to wrap it and put it under the tree ;o) I have to rearrange tables to have both my sewing machine & the serger on the same table in the dining room where the Christmas tree & small sewing table are right now. After New Years I will get it all set up & ready to rock!! I am so excited!!
Once again, thank you so much to the Wilford’s! It’s a lovely gift that means so much coming from you ❤

And as an added bonus I received a Joann’s Fabrics gift card for my birthday from my parents!! In all honesty I haven’t even been in a Joann’s since we moved to Wichita & there are 2 of them. So, tomorrow Sadie & I will head on over & see what’s what!
Thanks Mom & Dad!! I love you & miss you both so much.
XOXO~ #4



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