So here’s the story…


Let’s go back 22 years & 5 days…
It’s my 16th birthday surprise party at the Wilford’s, Ali being my best friend & all, Cindy & Bud my 2nd parents. I arrive to find all sorts of friends to surprise me, some from Sac as well as Placerville. Included in the friends from Sac was my now husband Josh. At the time he was just a friend, best friend to my boyfriend actually.
Joshua was different…still is. He took it upon himself to find a snack, even though plenty were out & provided for the party-goers. His snack of choice, Snausages.

Hence the lovely Christmas gift that arrived from Bud & Cindy today in the mail 😉

The kitties are now being force fed Snausages 🙂
Joshua claims to have outgrown eating dog treats…we’ll see about that…


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