Christmas Eve Gifts from Grandpa & Grandma Sedgwick


Our annual Christmas Eve tradition has always been to open the gifts from my parents, Grandma & Grandpa Sedgwick, on Christmas Eve before bed. For years the gift was jammies but as the kids grew the gifts grew with them.
Sadie has a habit of begging Grandma for quilts each & every time Grandma is working on one. So over the summer while Sadie was in Idaho I am sure my mother had to put up with a lot of asking ;o)
(please forgive the blurry cell phone pictures)

And it paid off…image


Josh received a couple of led flashlights & WE got a gift certificate to our restaurant choice…Logan’s Steakhouse or Red Lobster would be our choices.




The boys were super happy with their walkie-talkies…we have heard a lot of squaking!



Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa!! It made for a fun precursor to the big day!


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