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F*&#ing Darn Socks!!

14 pair of socks to be darned.
It’s a couple years worth of holey socks that I have got to get repaired so I can wear them. I am down to only a handful of socks in my drawer so it’s now time to get a few more wearable.
Love my hand knit socks.


January Stuff

Been a while since I checked in here.
As we expected, a management position opened up at Josh’s work and he was promoted! Came home with new cards last night :o) I am so proud. I know it’s not a 6 figure job with benefits & a 401k but for Josh it is a big achievement to reap the benefits and grow living a clean life. Being free from the dangers of getting caught doing something that could cost him not only his freedom but his life. Yes, he would love to be working in his field of computers but for now that isn’t what’s on the table. Unfortunately he will most likely need more education & recertification on some things before he could work full time in that industry again.
┬áSo for now we are content with the continued progression in his work. And like I said, I am totally proud. I was led to believe he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, hold a steady job that would provide for the family. Wrong.

Not much outside our usual routine has been happening. Kids are back in school, I have been busy with house, kids, & knitting work. I have a couple of classes coming up that I needed to design patterns for and get store samples made.I am thinking ahead about a garden. Unfortunately with the drought I am not sure it’s feasible this summer. I suppose if we get a ton of rain in the supposed wet months of May & June then I could put in a late garden. I just wanted a ton of lettuces but that would take more water than I think a ration would allow. I am already fully expecting a brown lawn & flowerbeds.

Umm…yep. That’s about it.
I suppose I should get better about posting more daily things. Like new recipes I try, homemade cleaning recipes, tips, tricks, etc. Part of my frustration in posting is that the WordPress app I used to post from on my phone has been totally janky since updates a few months ago. Along with a few other apps. Mostly because my phone is coming up on being 2 years old therefore defunct in the smartphone world. I make it work & will continue to make it work.
Now off to post some on the knitting blog.