Do I have dust bunnies in my hair?

So I stepped downstairs to the basement to grab a couple balls of yarn & start a load of laundry but somehow I ended up organizing the corner of the basement that seems to be a neverending mess. It’s the end of the basement that has a ton of potential as well. Unfortunately it’s had a history of leaking & even flooding. Luckily we have only had one incident since moving in and nothing since. I think (knock on wood) that I fixed the window well that was the issue.

Anyway, I ended up down there again today for a couple of hours and I am pleased to report PROGRESS!!
And I even took a few photos before I got too much completed to show before & after.





Big difference in the before & after picture quality. Not sure how that happened, sorry!
That there mess in the before photo is actually after I had worked for a bit. Mostly I just organized glass jars that were piled and not arranged by size, style, etc.


This old chandelier has been down here for who knows how long. I don’t have the heart to throw it out, I see potential there, maybe spray paint it a dark glossy gray and do a “mercury glass” treatment on the globes that are a champagne color now. It would hang nicely in the living room but I think it would be fun at the top of the basement stairs, add a little fun interest.



While going through jars I found this beauty! If I have not mentioned before, we live in a house that was occupied by the same owner from the 1950’s until she passed away about 5 years ago. One Sandra G. Collins. I have a large stack of piano books all marked with her name.
We have found some very interesting things in this house, this is now added to the list. A jar with a shopping list inside. It looks like she got everything on her list too! I cannot bring myself to open the jar and let the air out that was captured with the list. We have a receipt from Kmart from the 1960’s, records found behind a wall, a wig that I found on a top shelf in the garage in pristine condition in it’s original box, and a few other fun items.

Below you can see a 40lb litter box filled to the brim with lids to the random assortment of jars. You can also see that she loved coffee just about as much as I do! I don’t care for instant but I think it’s fantastic and want to use them to decorate the kitchen I just haven’t decided how yet.



Here is another fun little gem that Sandra left me, housewife to housewife. A bag of random (odd) clean lids (covers) from 1997. They are not clean any longer, I opened the bag and found a few had spots of mold. I just dumped them in with the rest of the lids that I will go through soon enough and try to fit to jars. That will be a serious OCD day and lately there have been a few of them.


Once I was able to get all of the jars put away I went ahead and sanitized the hell out of the countertop. Butch immediately felt it was his job to claim it as his own. I do believe he rolled over every inch of that 8′ long counter.
Below I did a series of pictures instead of a panorama shot of the area I got cleaned up. Butch, once again, had to be right there in it.
You can see to the left in the first photo the original clothes dryer that is still functional but we don’t use it. I need to have it taken out for scrap. But it’s so 50’s and fabulous I don’t really want to part with it! I just wish I had some use for it other than a dryer and dust catcher. Right now my sweater drying rack is sitting on top & that’s good enough. I have a piece of peg board that I want to spray paint, frame & hang in my bedroom for accessories to hang from. And hanging from the ceiling are an assortment of pipes, wires, hoses that I have randomly found and/or walked in to. It’s a an adventure in this basement!


You can see in the photo above is also the corner that we have had flooding issues with. The wall in the corner has old mold. I have sprayed it on a number of occasions but never took the time to scrub the mold off. It will take all of the lovely pepto pink paint off the wall and I don’t look forward to that. I also don’t look forward to trying to prep this paint to ever paint it a different color!


The area under the basement stairs already has 2 large shelves built in that go the 4′ deep to the wall. It’s a lot of space. Dark space. Dusty space. So I did a half ass job of cleaning it out so I could store bins & sealed bagged items.
Underneath there is a nice big space where bins & boxes can stack. In this photo there are 21 boxes & bins stored under the stairs. That includes the 2 Christmas trees in their boxes.


It’s good. Not perfect by any means. I have a lot of space to work with and get thoroughly cleaned but for now storage is organized & functional. Yarn is in bins marked and memorized. I have a great grasp on just how many jars I have, how many canning lids I need, and eventually I may use them for food storage if I can get my hands on a Foodsaver.


Now if I could just get the opposite corner of the basement to look as nice. Shower stall that is rotted out, broken plumbing, useless toilet that runs…there is so much potential it kinda drives me nuts!!


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