So Facebook is still asking “How are you feeling, Chauntel?” in the status update box.I am not sure the almighty Facebook is qualified to be my therapist. Mostly I don’t tell but today I wanted to share that I am grateful.

I am grateful for a husband that works his hiney off to provide for us & he actually likes to do it. (As you can tell in the photo the flu has taken him down a yucky road…going on 6 days down.)

I am grateful for our fun little house that we all love.

I am grateful for my sister & brother in law that offered us the house to rent.

I am grateful for the talents of my family. My kids are brilliant, funny & pretty darn easily entertained. They work hard to get along, they work hard & understand the importance of school; socially and academically.

I am grateful that I have kept myself from sinking in to what could be a dark, sad place. I enjoy my days, I enjoy my life, I enjoy my time with my family more than anything else.

I know being in the lower income class means we cannot afford many of the extras but you wouldn’t really know it by how happy, functional & blessed we are as a family.

We have what we need & when things get tough we make it through. I know I will be going back to work as soon as we have a second car (crossing my fingers it’s the Mercedes) and while I am torn about it I know if it doesn’t work for my family then I can always be home and we can financially make it. We don’t overextend ourselves.

I am grateful for my kitties.

I am grateful my son has a burial site that I love visiting. Sometimes I am afraid I will blow across the plains from the extreme wind but hey, it’s Kansas.

I am grateful for family & friends that a lapse in time cannot change our love & relationship.

I am grateful I have in-laws that love us, love me, love my kids that are now their grandkids. Receiving Valentines from Grandma & Grandpa Ensey this year was really fun for the kids.

I am grateful my body is healthy.

I am grateful I don’t give in to my baser urges and do harm to myself and others. (Makes me sound like a closet mass murderer. 😉 )

I am SO grateful for my fiberly family. Sometimes it’s just the best escape; yarn, yarnies, & geekiness.

Some days all I can say is that I am grateful I wake up to 3 living kids & my husband.

Today and many, many other days I see so much more to be grateful for and I am grateful for that too.

Gratitude sometimes doesn’t come easy so when it blindsides me I pay it close attention.



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