Silly Kitty Cats

The kitties were funny today.



First PJ decided she wanted on my lap. She has only been on my lap once before. Once!
Butch wasn’t so sure he liked that so he waited his turn at my feet as PJ just teased him with her happy stare and purring.


Sadie played with Butch and the laser pointer, you can kind of see the reflection of the red on his paw in the photo above.

After Sadie tired of the laser play she and the boys walked over to Dollar General to find a fun toy to play with. They came home with bubble balloons. You know, the stinky plasticy stuff that you stick a blob on the end of a little straw and blow the blob in to a balloon.
Well PJ found the whole process just amazing!!






Butch really just didn’t care. He only cared that they were interrupting his back-nap time.




I am so happy we have the kitties. They bring us all joy and there are some days where they are my surrogate babies. It works 😉


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