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Elsie Lynne – great niece


Mother’s Day~ spoiled!!

Wow! I was certainly spoiled today!!

Josh took the kids to my most favorite of stores, Ross, so they could shop for me. I think they did a splendid job!
All 3 kids & Josh decorated mugs for me using the Sharpie/oven method and they are so fun & so individualized I love them.

This is my oh, so artistic mug from Josh ;o)

Now Tyler’s mug is fabulous!

Sadie really personalized hers, using all of my favorite little sayings.

Trevor put a lot of thought in what he drew…a heart shaped ball of yarn with knitting needles, a  flower, and jelly beans!!

My kids are so thoughtful, they really pay attention to all of the little things I love. How heartwarming to know that they actually are invested in other people’s likes & desires. I think that’s rare today.

And come on, who doesn’t want a cutting board, lettuce knife, Misto sprayer, lint/crumb roller for the dining table, sink caddy with soap dispenser & rag holder, argyle sweater & gorgeous hanging basket of  “purple velvet petunias” (from Josh), and the Art of Seamless Knitting book just published.

I am so blessed to have such thoughtful, meaningful gifts. And the letters from the kids. Oh.My.Gosh. Trevor’s just about did me in. Love overfloweth!!

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~Happy Mother's Day~

I love my Mom.
Mom, thank you for being the Best Momma. Period.
You have blessed me with the use of common sense, individualism, creativity, humor, and most of all lessons in how to be an amazing Momma to my own kids.
There are never enough words to show you just how much I love you, all I can do is follow your example and make you proud.