Mother’s Day~ spoiled!!

Wow! I was certainly spoiled today!!

Josh took the kids to my most favorite of stores, Ross, so they could shop for me. I think they did a splendid job!
All 3 kids & Josh decorated mugs for me using the Sharpie/oven method and they are so fun & so individualized I love them.

This is my oh, so artistic mug from Josh ;o)

Now Tyler’s mug is fabulous!

Sadie really personalized hers, using all of my favorite little sayings.

Trevor put a lot of thought in what he drew…a heart shaped ball of yarn with knitting needles, a  flower, and jelly beans!!

My kids are so thoughtful, they really pay attention to all of the little things I love. How heartwarming to know that they actually are invested in other people’s likes & desires. I think that’s rare today.

And come on, who doesn’t want a cutting board, lettuce knife, Misto sprayer, lint/crumb roller for the dining table, sink caddy with soap dispenser & rag holder, argyle sweater & gorgeous hanging basket of  “purple velvet petunias” (from Josh), and the Art of Seamless Knitting book just published.

I am so blessed to have such thoughtful, meaningful gifts. And the letters from the kids. Oh.My.Gosh. Trevor’s just about did me in. Love overfloweth!!

Flickr: Your Photostream.


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