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Yippe!! 15!!




Tyler will be 15 tomorrow!!

And a Freshman!
And just an amazing guy.

He has a JROTC Drill Meet tomorrow, on his actual birthday, so we did the celebrating a day early!
Because, well, we can.







Huh, Been a While?

I won’t lie, it’s been a rough summer coming in to the school year and now fall is just about upon us.

I will do a series of posts so I don’t overload myself, and the few of you that actually visit here.

First, the kids!(Because, you know, they are the most important & most interesting part of life!)


  • Just turned 16
  • Received Driver’s Permit
  • Junior in HS, Honors, AP
  • Varsity Golf
  • Got her first job, working weekends at Party City

While Sadie is busy, busy, busy she is also happy, happy, happy!


  • Turns 15 tomorrow
  • Joined Drill team in the JROTC
  • Freshman in HS, fully integrated in regular classes
  • Planning on joining the wrestling team

We are so proud of how well Tyler has done moving from Middle school to High School. He gets up every morning, on his own, to be at the school by 6:45am for Drill. He has had no trouble getting in to the High School swing of things and is really holding his own with his grades.


  • 7th grade
  • Advanced placement in all classes that are available
  • So far the majority of his grades are above the 100% level
  • Stop motion movies: Trevor has found a real talent in making stop motion animation films using Lego’s, clay, yarn, pretty much anything he needs to make the magic happen.

Trevor usually comes home with a friend in tow to hang out, do homework, play video games, etc. He also has found a love for running in just the last few weeks. We’re trying to convince Tyler he needs to take up this healthy passion as well. New running shoes have helped motivate him a bit I think.

Overall the school year has settled in quite nicely!!