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Mother’s Day~ spoiled!!

Wow! I was certainly spoiled today!!

Josh took the kids to my most favorite of stores, Ross, so they could shop for me. I think they did a splendid job!
All 3 kids & Josh decorated mugs for me using the Sharpie/oven method and they are so fun & so individualized I love them.

This is my oh, so artistic mug from Josh ;o)

Now Tyler’s mug is fabulous!

Sadie really personalized hers, using all of my favorite little sayings.

Trevor put a lot of thought in what he drew…a heart shaped ball of yarn with knitting needles, a  flower, and jelly beans!!

My kids are so thoughtful, they really pay attention to all of the little things I love. How heartwarming to know that they actually are invested in other people’s likes & desires. I think that’s rare today.

And come on, who doesn’t want a cutting board, lettuce knife, Misto sprayer, lint/crumb roller for the dining table, sink caddy with soap dispenser & rag holder, argyle sweater & gorgeous hanging basket of  “purple velvet petunias” (from Josh), and the Art of Seamless Knitting book just published.

I am so blessed to have such thoughtful, meaningful gifts. And the letters from the kids. Oh.My.Gosh. Trevor’s just about did me in. Love overfloweth!!

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Oh, Amber!!

All I can say is, thank you!
The gift we received today in the mail is so thoughtful and beautiful.
(Bare with me folks, I couldn’t decide which photos I liked the best so I am posting them all.)

To Rex from Amber

A beautifully sculpted Angel baby sleeping.
The artist is D. Antonia Truesdale from The Midnight Orange
“Sculpting the spectrum of emotion from bright to raw”SAMSUNG

Isn’t he just so peaceful?
He could be sleeping, or peering through the clouds watching us, or playing hide & seek with his Uncle Jeremy (Josh’s older brother that passed away just 3 short years ago).




I love how his little feet overlap at the toes.



This is my comfort position.
When I am sad or in pain this is the immediate position my body takes.









We haven’t decided where we want him to live. I wouldn’t risk wearing him, those wings are strong but accidents happen. For now I will put him bedside with my framed photo of Josh, Rex &  I.

Amber & Joe, thank you so much for thinking of us & our little man on his birthday.
I cannot tell you how much it means.

I love you so much my beautiful niece! You are so precious to me.


So Facebook is still asking “How are you feeling, Chauntel?” in the status update box.I am not sure the almighty Facebook is qualified to be my therapist. Mostly I don’t tell but today I wanted to share that I am grateful.

I am grateful for a husband that works his hiney off to provide for us & he actually likes to do it. (As you can tell in the photo the flu has taken him down a yucky road…going on 6 days down.)

I am grateful for our fun little house that we all love.

I am grateful for my sister & brother in law that offered us the house to rent.

I am grateful for the talents of my family. My kids are brilliant, funny & pretty darn easily entertained. They work hard to get along, they work hard & understand the importance of school; socially and academically.

I am grateful that I have kept myself from sinking in to what could be a dark, sad place. I enjoy my days, I enjoy my life, I enjoy my time with my family more than anything else.

I know being in the lower income class means we cannot afford many of the extras but you wouldn’t really know it by how happy, functional & blessed we are as a family.

We have what we need & when things get tough we make it through. I know I will be going back to work as soon as we have a second car (crossing my fingers it’s the Mercedes) and while I am torn about it I know if it doesn’t work for my family then I can always be home and we can financially make it. We don’t overextend ourselves.

I am grateful for my kitties.

I am grateful my son has a burial site that I love visiting. Sometimes I am afraid I will blow across the plains from the extreme wind but hey, it’s Kansas.

I am grateful for family & friends that a lapse in time cannot change our love & relationship.

I am grateful I have in-laws that love us, love me, love my kids that are now their grandkids. Receiving Valentines from Grandma & Grandpa Ensey this year was really fun for the kids.

I am grateful my body is healthy.

I am grateful I don’t give in to my baser urges and do harm to myself and others. (Makes me sound like a closet mass murderer. 😉 )

I am SO grateful for my fiberly family. Sometimes it’s just the best escape; yarn, yarnies, & geekiness.

Some days all I can say is that I am grateful I wake up to 3 living kids & my husband.

Today and many, many other days I see so much more to be grateful for and I am grateful for that too.

Gratitude sometimes doesn’t come easy so when it blindsides me I pay it close attention.


Christmas Eve Gifts from Grandpa & Grandma Sedgwick


Our annual Christmas Eve tradition has always been to open the gifts from my parents, Grandma & Grandpa Sedgwick, on Christmas Eve before bed. For years the gift was jammies but as the kids grew the gifts grew with them.
Sadie has a habit of begging Grandma for quilts each & every time Grandma is working on one. So over the summer while Sadie was in Idaho I am sure my mother had to put up with a lot of asking ;o)
(please forgive the blurry cell phone pictures)

And it paid off…image


Josh received a couple of led flashlights & WE got a gift certificate to our restaurant choice…Logan’s Steakhouse or Red Lobster would be our choices.




The boys were super happy with their walkie-talkies…we have heard a lot of squaking!



Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa!! It made for a fun precursor to the big day!